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Huntteri is a Finnish industry leading bicycle wholesale and import company. On this page you can explore our product range and read more about the brands we represent. We sell our products only through our dealers - you can find contact details on the dealer page. The login section is for our dealers and you can request a login by contacting verkkokauppa@huntteri.fi.

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At Weldtite they create the world’s leading bike maintenance products, formulated better than anyone else. Their bike maintenance range is the best quality and value available. They develop solutions that enable you to spend more time riding your bike and optimise your performance.


An excellent product to use for polishing and covering a bicycle after a wash. Shiny results for frames and other metallic parts. Thin protective layer protects the frame and rejects water for next ride. Size 500ml


WTB:n oma tubeless-neste takaa parhaan mahdollisen lopputuloksen, kun haetaan toimivaa hyvin paikkaavaa ratkaisua Paikkaa reiät jopa 6 mm asti, samalla luoden kestävän ja pitkäikäisen paikan Litku toimii aina -9,4 C pakkaseen asti Syntettinen lateksi ei allergisoi, ja tekee litkusta pitkäikäisen Saatavilla neljä eri pakkauskokoa

Oy Huntteri Ab

Oy Huntteri Ab is a sports equipment wholesaler and importer established in 1994. The majority of our product range is related to cycling and its many different forms. We also offer products for other areas of sport and leisure.

We operate nationwide and serve both small and large shops. Our customers include most of the bike shops in Finland, sports chains and the most important retail chains in the industry.

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