Profile Design spareparts

Profile Design spareparts

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Replacement front and rear mounts for the FC-25 and FC-35 hydration systems.

Profile design TwentyFour series takanavan varaosa laakerit.

Profile design takanavan varaosa akseli.

Profile design twentyfour takanavan cone set.

Profile Design twentyfour kiekkojen vapaaratas. Shimano / Sram.

Profile Design TwentyFour takanapa. Soveltuu 58/78 kiekkoihin.

Profile design tangon tulppa -Volna.

Profile design tangon tulppa. Alu-tangoille.

Rear plug with slot hole, compatible with T-Series carbon extensions.

Profile design tankojen taaempi tulppa. T-sarjan alu-tangoille.

Compatible with RML or RMC rear hydration systems.

Replacement FC snap on lid.

Replacement straw for FC 25/35 or Aeria HSF system (flexible). Aeria HSF: 360mm Straw - P.# B058  FC25: 280mm Straw - P.# B083  FC35: 360mm Straw - P.# B058 

15mm läpiakseli adapterit Profile Design TwentyFour series Disc etunapaan.

12x135mm läpiakseliadapterit Profile Design TwentyFour  disc takanapaan.

12x142mm läpiakseliadapterit Profile Design TwentyFour disc takanapaan.

QR- adapteri Profile Design TwentyFour disc etunapaan.

QR-adapteri Profile Design TwentyFour Disc takanapaan.